About Us

Who We Are

DigitalOrganized is a rotated team of young and old. We have been driven since day 1 and have become more confident over time with the knowledge we have gained. We currently have specialists and colleagues from more than 25 different countries. We communicate with each other every day and enjoy the time and communication with customers from many different countries. As a team, we also travel a lot to be able to serve and help customers from different parts around the world.


How did we start?

A few of us met at a symposium in Berlin and found out with a first interaction that we had the same ambitions. We wanted to start a unique company that distinguishes itself from the competition by offering services in a different way, where the customer gets the best results. The company grew rapidly as other IT specialists and experts came along. This only increased our ambitions because it allowed us to expand our knowledge area enormously. Since then we have built up a customer network within and outside Europe and we are happy to grow!