What is ethical hacking?

Your online reputation is very important. Nowadays more and more companies, organizations and institutions use OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). This is a technique of publicly collecting information about a specific person, organization or subject. This technique is used for a variety of purposes. Just think of someone who wants a loan or wants to buy a house, you will be researched online about who you are. Another example could be if you apply for a job and someone wants more information about you. Just think about it, there are countless examples. Once again your online reputation is important!

At all times we will ensure that no digital problems or damage will arise within your company or organization. Safety is our top priority for you!

How do we work?

DigitalOrganized has a team full of specialists. Our vision is to help companies move into the future more safely and to achieve this we have set up a process that allows us to give our customers the best result.

We schedule multiple appointments (physical or online) to go through everything. We draw up a contract with you in which the wishes and requirements are discussed in detail. Then, when the guidelines are clear, we make a plan of action that we then share with you.

Then the work will start and everything will be documented. After the work you will receive a presentation with a document in which everything can be found. This way you can analyze our findings and have them improved. We can also do the latter for you!

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