What is ethical phishing?

You may be familiar with the term phishing. A form of cybercrime in which criminals send you an email or message to try to gain access or data. Phishing is the biggest online weakness of people, companies and organizations to this day. Ethical phishing is therefore the ideal way to arm you or your organization against it. DigitalOrganized provides services and simulations in which you and possibly your staff are trained to keep risk and hackers out.

How does this process work?

As with our other services, good agreements are made with the customer about the guidelines and the goal. When these are clear, a simulation will be performed to test you or your staff. We do everything in a safe environment to prevent any risks.

After this process there will be a lecture (there may be several) on ‘Situational Awareness’ where we train staff and let them reflect on the events. This way you and/or staff not only learn what they can do differently next time, but also how to recognize vulnerabilities and such Phishing techniques.

We guarantee more online security of at least 70% after this training.

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