Reputation matters!

Your online reputation is very important. Nowadays more and more companies, organizations and institutions use OSINT (Open Source Intelligence). This is a technique of publicly collecting information about a specific person, organization or subject. This technique is used for a variety of purposes. Just think of someone who wants a loan or wants to buy a house, you will be researched online about who you are. Another example could be if you apply for a job and someone wants more information about you. Just think about it, there are countless examples. Once again your online reputation is important!

99% of what is posted on the internet will never be invisible again. Fortunately, DigitalOrganized can help you and remove unwanted information.

Ways of management

Whether it concerns social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Or search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. DigitalOrganized can remove it for you! We have the best techniques to restore or improve your reputation. We use different ways, so if it concerns a person or company, we adjust our working method to give the customer the best result.

Together with the customer, a safe and clear work process is ensured from DigitalOrganized. All steps and processes will be presented in an agreement and put on paper.

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